Let’s get to know each other.


American Dakota is a small but dedicated textile design studio that specializes in Southwest, Cabin, and modern designs. Our passion lies in building and nurturing relationships with Indigenous artists in collaboration on our products and with an equal profit share.

EnduraStranTM Fibers

Our rugs are made from premium EnduraStran nylon for long-lasting durability. EnduraStran nylon is fade-resistant, antimicrobial, and commercial grade tested for heavy traffic and long life. It’s designed to clean easily with water, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals often found in fabric and upholstery cleaning products, and is engineered to withstand high-traffic areas like living rooms, hallways, and entryways. Visit www.endurastran.com for more great info on our yarn.

What’s so great about Nylon?

Nylon is one of the most durable textile yarn filaments available for commercial use, with unparalleled color fastness and long-lasting durability.

Synthetic nylon also possesses unbeatable moisture resistance and UV fade resistance compared to other yarns like wool, cotton, and jute. High moisture resistance and wicking ability also mean that nylon is naturally bacteria resistant, denying airborne pathogens an easy place to stick. It also makes for a much easier yarn to clean, rejecting pet dander, dust, and dirt.

Whether in use as a military parachute cord, braided as a lariat rope for campion calf ropers, or woven into a high-traffic area rug, nylon is the only choice for products that must go the extra mile.

“My passion is trying to figure out a way to uplift and put some light on Native American artists”

Mark Ford, president

Meet the Team

Mark, President

Mark runs American Dakota with his wife Simone. In college, Mark majored in Fine Art and minored in Native American Studies. Having grown up in a textile town and spent his career learning the industry inside and out, it was a natural step to combine his love of Native American art and culture with his passion for designing rugs and textiles. He founded American Dakota in 2009 and never looked back.

Simone, Order Management

The heart and soul of our business operation, Simone started American Dakota with her husband Mark in 2009. Her background in computer programming has helped us set up reliable and efficient systems. If you have any questions about your order or invoice, or if you have general questions about rugs she’s your point person.

Cecily, Customer Service

As the Customer Service Manager*, Cecily primarily works as a liaison between the mill, American Dakota, and our customers. She is your go-to person should you have a question about your order. Cecily’s background in the geospatial sciences helps her efficiently compile and organize data to provide a rewarding customer experience

Stormy, Design Coordinator

An able painter with off-the-charts rendering skills has made Stormy a secret weapon in American Dakota’s new rug additions.  A student of color families and faux weaves, her skill set is helping American Dakota broaden their offering into fresh new looks. Her understanding of different style segments is a testament to her versatility.

Bailey, Design Coordinator

American Dakota’s premiere design director, Bailey began her career as an intern with us. Her eye for color, textures, and trends makes her one of the most versatile designers we have ever worked with. Because Bailey pushes the boundaries with color-blends and rug styles, she is always creating something new for our customers.

Brad, Digital Media and Marketing Coordinator

With a long background in photography, videography, and computers, Brad has been working as the Marketing and Digital Media Manager for American Dakota since 2016. He produces and manages all our print, digital media, and web content, including product photography, media campaigns, branded social media content, and catalogs. He also manages our archive of product data and images.