I believe people fly fish to enter a more serene state… One that is completely free from the chaos and pressures of our modern society. I strive to capture these brief moments of perfection on canvas so that the viewer can remember the utter simplicity of the experience. Fly Fishing is a spiritual pursuit!


AD Maddox

Born Amelia Drane Maddox, the third of four children to the prominent Maddox family, A.D. was always interested in paving her own way.

Her parents provided an artistic environment for her upbringing in Nashville, TN. She has spent over 30 years with her paintbrushes wet and creating canvases full-time.

A.D. apprenticed under Flournoy Holmes and Kamy Deljou of Deljou Art Group. Unlike many of her contemporaries, she carefully spends hundreds of hours creating her original canvases. Her Alla Prima technique builds the vibrant colors of her trout skins and creates the depth of character and detail in her fish and wildlife art.

Maddox paints in oil, mainly on Belgian linen. She is fascinated by the brilliant hues of nature’s trout and the movement of water. Her original works display both her talent for photographic realism as well as abstract art in the interpretation of water. Constantly evolving over the years, her creations have been featured on the covers of over 40 magazines including Gray’s Sporting Journal, The Cormac McCarthy Journal, and LL Bean’s Fly Fishing Catalogs, in addition to articles in prominent publications such as Cowboys and Indians Magazine, The Virginia Sportsman, and Sporting Classics. Her art can also be found in merchandising lines through Montana Fly Company, Cognito Brands, and many others.

Embodying her purpose to inspire and uplift the spirit with her art, A.D. is a Ducati-riding, fly fishing, blonde firecracker dedicated to her craft. She is also a philanthropist who spends her time inspiring young artists and supporting anti-drug and criminal education programs.

Her gallery and current residence is in Livingston, Montana.

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